80s Mod Revival – what did you wear?

Here’s a shopping list from 1980 with prices of mod gear on sale at a shop in the Midlands.

Union Jack Fabric Belt – £1.75

The Who belt buckles – £2.90

Target Straight Ties – £2.90

Badges were 40p each or 5 for £1.75 with Lambrettas, Merton Parkas, Specials, Selecter, etc.

I’m surprised that bands like the Merton Parkas never scored higher than 40 in the charts though the Lambrettas got in to the top ten.   In my mind, the Specials and Selecter are second wave ska and I kind of compartmentalise them away from the Mod revival but that might be me being picky.  Paul Weller was of course the god to this subculture.


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