The thrill of the TDK C120 cassette tape!

TDKIt’s strange to recall the thrill of buying a triple pack of AD-C90 TDK tapes at the special purchase price of £4.50 at WH Smith, thinking of all the great sounds that would soon populate them.

WH Smith would also pile on the excitement by entering you for their £3,000 holiday draw.  I don’t think the three grand went to one person, it was a load of travel vouchers that got plastered round to lots of winners.

Of course there was little point in getting the C120 because the tape really was thinner and more likely to snarl.  A mate of mine used to send me compilation tapes of music because he fancied himself as a font of all musical knowledge and felt he was somehow educating me.  They were like cultural Red Cross parcels.

Of course, they were killed off by CDs….though slowly.   Personally, I was glad when the iPod came along and I could put my screwdriver away and stop waiting for that awful moment when your music speeded up and you knew the tape was gunged up in your deck.

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