Star signs of 80s celebrities

So, astrology lovers, here are the star signs of some of your favorite celebrities from the early 1980s:

Peter Powell – former Radio Luxembourg and Radio 1 DJ and presenter of Top Of The Pops – Aries

Ed ‘Stewpot’ Stewart – used to present the ‘Junior Choice’ show on the radio reaching 17 million listeners at its height and presented Crackerjack – Taurus

Suzy Quatro – Devil Gate Drive and Can the Can plus occasional appearances on Happy Days – Gemini

Trevor Eve – Today known for Waking the Dead but the actor was the lead in Shoestring back in 1981 – Cancer

Kate Bush – the queen of pop needs no introduction – Leo

Barry Sheene – motor cycle champ who seemed to break every bone in his body but carried on till 1984, now no longer with us – Virgo

Bruce Springsteen – the man was born to run – Libra

Leif Garrett – I was Made For Dancin’ climbed the charts in 1979 but his is a story of rise and fall, arrested last year on a drug possession charge – for a look at the grand decline of Leif, click here: – Scorpio

Paul Nicholas – stage and TV actor with a lead role in the sitcom ‘Just Good Friends’ in 1983 – Sagittarius

David Bowie – ‘Let’s Dance’ was his album return to top form in the early 80s – Capricorn

Lewis Collins – Bodie in The Professionals and appeared in the movie Who Dares Wins, all round tough guy on screen – Aquarius

Gary Numan – hated by the music press at the time but in fairness, I think his toons have worn better than many of his contemporaries and been sampled – Pisces


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