John Travolta to play Jim Morrison

There was a very ugly rumour in 1981 that John Travolta was penciled in to play Jim Morrison in a film biopic based on the great man’s biography – No-One Here Gets Out Alive.   It’d been ten years since his death in 1981 when the rest of The Doors paid a visit to the Pere Lachaise cemetery to pay their respects at this grave surrounded by the usual mob of fans, who have been making a right mess of his final resting place ever since.  You know – the sort of eejits who have to scrawl their name on every historic monument they visit including the pyramids.

It was reported that the band poured wine over the grave in a sign of ‘respect’ though one wonders if it was more a reflection on Jim’s love of the bottle.  Manzarek apparently asked the crowd at the Paris boneyard whether they thought Jim was in the grave and of course, most of them thought not.


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