The Thatcher Crisis Years

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TimesYou know the kind of movie you’re ashamed to say you like and for some reason need to watch on DVD with the curtains drawn every three or four years – like Sliver or 13th Warrior for example.  Well, Times Square also fits the bill.  I mean, the story line is so arch that it’s hard to imagine how this got past the pitch stage.

Basically, two girls from a loony bin escape to New York though they are very different – one tomboy and one not – they form a punk band and start to enjoy success until the powers that be close in on them.

Bonkers film about bonkers people.  But the soundtrack, which I remember having at the time, included some classics including the lovely Patti Smith singing ‘Pissing in the River’ – which I adored.  Robert Stigwood was the brains behind it, having produced Saturday Night Fever which might explain the rather incongruous presence of a Bee Gees track in what’s otherwise a punk/new wave soundtrack for the movie.


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