Klaus Nomi and all that Berlin thing

Klaus Nomi had grown up in post-war Berlin lapping up the art scene, the gay scene and the thrill of being in a city divided between western and Soviet control.  I had friends who used to go over to Berlin imagining they were Bowie recording ‘Low’ or the long lost members of Kraftwerk.

There was a lot of that Weimar thing going on.  Think Cabaret meets Bertolt Brecht with a whole load of camp thrown in and you’ll be close.  I suppose we felt like Britian had been taken over by a dictator – a female one and no little moustache in her case – so the whole Weimar underground feeling had its attractions.

Nomi did some rather interesting if slightly tongue in cheek electro numbers.   I really like this one.  Unfortunately, he didn’t make it out of the 80s succumbing to full blown AIDS in 1983.

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