Ozzy Osbourne in 1980

Ah yes – while some young hipsters were walking round in sixteen pleat Bowies and listening to the latest electronic warblings of the New Romantics and Futurists – greebos were heading to Port Vale FC on August 1st 1981 to lap up Motorhead, Ozzy Osbourne, Triumph and Vardis.

I saw Ozzy in his Blizzard of Oz phase – a very odd gig in 1980.  He came on carrying what appeared to be a very large crucifix over his shoulder.  I mean he really had to drag it along the stage.  Can’t actually remember what he did with it next and how they got rid of it.  Then he was off in to ‘Crazy Train’.

But – by the summer of ’81, I’d got over my NWOBHM phase and embraced all things electronic.  The long hair and Rush patches were a source of major shame and to be forgotten – erased from my and anybody else’s memory banks.

Still – here’s Ozzy with the late Randy Rhodes on guitar doing Crazy Train.



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