The Selecter – Skids – Hazel O’Connor

I mentioned Gary Glitter teaming up with Gerry Cottle to tour as part of a rock and roll circus in 1981.  Well, clearly circuses were all the rage because these three bands also announced their intention to tour the United States as part of a travelling circus with magicians, comedians and other entertainers in tow.

In January, 1981, the three pop acts told the music press of their frustration with not getting air play – a theme taken up by Pauline Black in her song ‘On My Radio’.  So after some warm up gigs at the Marquee, it was going to be a flight across the Atlantic to educate the yanks.

The Selecter would do a special gig in Harlem while fellow Coventrian Hazel O’Connor would go and sing on an ‘Indian reservation’.  Did that actually happen?


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