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So I was racking my brain for 80s memories the other day when I suddenly thought – did I really see The Cure supported by Classix Nouveaux at the Dominion Theatre on Tottenham Court Road in 1980?  And surely the answer came back – yes.  Yes I did.

Here is a ticket stub to prove that gig happened.

Dominion Theatre has been playing host to the ghastly Queen musical for a while and the whole area round it is now being dug up for Crossrail.  But one night in 1980, I went there with my buddy Alex and we saw The Cure.  But I’m going to be very honest, though I loved The Cure – it’s the performance by Classix Nouveaux that really stuck in my mind down the years.

It’s infuriating when I know it should have been Robert Smith and not the high pitched Sal Solo that stayed in my memory – but hey ho.  He must have put on quite an act.  This video was recorded for the brilliant single “Is it a dream?” on a disgracefully low budget – looks like a back garden and a dry ice machine.  But Sal Solo makes the most of it.

2 thoughts on “The Cure supported by Classix Nouveaux

  1. philcouling says:

    Just found your post while looking for information on this gig. I was there and had the same reaction – Classix were fantastic, and Sal Solo dancing around in an amazing strobe light show was headline stuff. I vividly recall that when the crew cleared the stage of the Classix equipment and set up the Cure’s, they did a piss-poor job and the sound for the Cure was absolutely dreadful. I was there with a buddy and we figured that there must have been some argument or disagreement backstage, because the Cure were essentially sabotaged at that gig. I saw the Cure countless times during those years, having watched their rise from being up front at just about every Siouxsie gig since they formed. Good memories, but just as you say – it was hard to recall anything positive about the Cure at that particular gig – it was all about Sal Solo and Classix Nouveau that night!

    1. Yeah, I remember sitting through the Cure set actually a bit bored. Which is crazy. And I seem to remember the venue wasn’t sold out either. Bonkers really. But hey, we got to see The Cure close up and that’s something to treasure forever 🙂

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