The Queen shot at in 1981

An incident you may have forgotten or been unaware of – but back in 1981, Her Majesty The Queen was shot at several times during the annual Trooping Of The Colour.  In those days, she rode side saddle down the Mall from Buckingham Palace to Horse Guards Parade and that’s when an unemployed military cadet spotted his chance.

Marcus Sarjeant had been an air cadet and patrol leader in the Boy Scouts.  He could easily have been a positive role model in contrast to all those nasty punks, rude boys and rockabillies hanging on the street corners of Britain.  But instead, he took his pistol and went down to the Mall on the 13th June.

A Scots Guard who wrestled Marcus to the ground later told journalists that he’d considered bayoneting Marcus!  Well, he’d just come back from a tour of duty in Northern Ireland when things were pretty rough over there and was probably a bit hyped up.  From memory – and I do have an elephant’s memory – Marcus did a five year stretch behind bars for this action.

The Daily Express reports

The Daily Express reports

The Queen carries on

The Queen carries on

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