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original rude boy tony mcmahon

For about two years in the 2010s, I worked with Neville Staple of The Specials on his biography, Original Rude Boy. This was a great project and involved interviewing Neville and also his old chums Trevor Evans and Rex Griffiths as well as other figures from his life.

When the book was published by Aurum Press in the United Kingdom, the timing could not have been better. The Specials were reforming with Neville but sadly no Jerry Dammers. But I got to go backstage with the guys and there were copies of the hardback version lying around.

This was at the 02 Academy in Brixton – and I snapped this on my digital camera – life before decent smartphones eh? I went on three consecutive nights and was just blown away by their performance.

As you can imagine, there was heaps of stuff that never made it into Original Rude Boy. Neville has thought about a sequel or coffee table number to cover all the amazing material left out.

If you are truly are a massive Specials geek and would like to see the kind of trivia we couldn’t pack into Original Rude Boy – then how about this – their hotel itinerary for the US tour in 1980.

The Specials US tour

Or how about Neville Staple’s briefcase? It did feature on the back cover of the hardback edition of Original Rude Boy. But here is a close up!

Neville Staple briefcase

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