Dance Craze – the ska movie of 1981

1981 – the final year of the great 2Tone second wave of ska that had enveloped Britain since 1979. This movie was – unintentionally – a send off for some magnificent bands. Not an amazing film in itself but the music was enough. Having met The Specials while writing Neville Staple’s biography – I’ve felt honored to know what must be one of the most talented bands of all time. Pauline Black and Ranking Roger have also crossed my path and are splendid people. Enjoy a bit of them here…


3 thoughts on “Dance Craze – the ska movie of 1981

  1. I saw The Specials when they were the Coventry Automatics and again as soon as they changed their name – they were outstanding. I was lucky to see all these Ska bands at the time and wouldn’t swop those memories for anything.
    Nice to connect mate 🙂

      1. My pleasure mate.
        I’m in the middle of writing my second novel which is set in 1978 – slightly before the period you’re exploring in detail. However, that’s when I first met Rankin’ Roger – he was deejaying at Barbarella’s on the night it was attacked by Newcastle United fans. Have you heard about this?

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