The Thatcher Crisis Years

An era of protest and fury

Paul Mooney popped the question to his girlfriend Terese Shortt when both of them – members of the Unemployed Workers Association – were going to lobby Thatcher on the Jobs Express. This was a train loaded with the unemployed that descended on the capital in late 1981.

The pair got a card from Tony Benn MP and Terese was selected with five others, out of the 400 protestors, to go and meet Thatcher and plead their case.

Love on the dole

Love on the dole

2 thoughts on “Love on the Dole under Thatcher

  1. Terese Mooney says:

    Hi just come across this.
    My name is Terese Mooney (Shortt),
    Paul and I did marry the next year 1982.
    We still are, three children of our own all grown and now we foster.
    Still very much on the left!!!
    It was great to see all your stuff

    1. Hi – Thanks and sorry for the delay responding. I’ve been a bit distracted with travelling and now this awful virus. But good to hear you’re keeping the flame burning! Best, Tony

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