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Does anybody remember a campaign in 1982 to keep Croxteth Comprehensive open in Liverpool? ┬áThe closure of this school gave the impression – along with dozens of other policies – that the Tories in Westminster didn’t give a damn about inner city areas.

At this time, the Croxteth district of Liverpool had over 90% youth unemployment. I remember those official statistics of the time that showed how bleak things were – let alone the unofficial stats. The Crocky wasn’t just a school – it was a community facility, a beating heart in an area beaten up by recession.

Croxteth Comprehensive

One thought on “Croxteth Comprehensive – campaign to keep a school open in the 80s

  1. Paul Harnett says:

    Do I remember? I think I was the only qualified teacher there from Sept 1982 until the end of term, when I left as I’d got a paid job at Ruffwood in Kirkby. It was pretty chaotic, with the “Head” not really organising well – I was teaching German one day instead of Maths (my subject!). My favourite memory was one day the alarm went up that the ‘leccy guys were on the school field and going to cut off our supply. They soon changed their mind when they saw tons of kids and volunteers running across the field towards them. Actually I don’t think they wanted to cut us off but had been told to by their bosses. Not sure how much formal education the kids got but invaluable life skills if you ask me. Happy days!

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