The Thatcher Crisis Years

An era of protest and fury

I think it’s safe to say that I’ve changed a lot since the 1980s – in terms of physical appearance anyway. Like so many of my generation, I waved my 80s barnet goodbye as I embraced baldness and middle age. But, what I lost on top of my head, I traded in for a luxuriant beard adorning my face!

As the Beardy Historian, I run this site and a very popular sister blog on the Knights Templar. You can also contact me through the Beardy History site with full details on me and latest activity. FYI – I do appear on the telly talking about all things historical from time to time so follow me on the Beardy History blog to keep up.

Otherwise, keep your comments coming here on a period in my life that was magical – and I’m sure you agree. It was a great time to be alive – if rather turbulent and crisis-ridden.

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  1. Terese says:

    HI I was just looking on your page and I saw a picture of myself and my husband Paul from the Cambridge Evening News. Just to let you know we will both be in London Trafalgar Square on Saturday at six. Its been a long time coming and even though she may be gone unfortunately her ideas still continue to haunt the political landscape.
    Yours Terese Mooney

    1. Hi – sorry being so late to respond, amazing that you saw yourselves on my blog – a magical moment I hope!

  2. Julia Honess says:

    I would like to use the image of County Hall Unemployment Figures Banner 1981 in a publication about pensioner activism.
    Do you know who holds the copyright for this image?

    1. Julia – I’m going to be honest – I don’t, otherwise I’d have put a credit on it. I’m a stickler for copyright but on this one I took a deep breath and published. If the original photographer turns up, then I’ll either pay an agreed consideration or take it down. I found it on a GLC publication from the early 80s bought at Book Marks in London. Tony

      1. Sean Murphy says:

        I was on the March for jobs 81 the youngest on it number 26 if you want any juicy stuff i can tell you a few Sean Murphy

      2. Well if you want to send in a blog post – I’ll put it up. Not toooooo juicy! 🙂

  3. Robin Hayter says:

    Hi Tony I’m making a documentary about the summer of ’82 and the play Oi’ for England by Trevor Griiffiths, I am independent so I need to know about using one or two of your images posted here. Three interest me these are 1) pamphlet SUNDAY 6 June EUROPE demands a future HYde Park rally CND. 2) How to spot a RED Teacher /Now they’re brain washing tiny tots. and 3)JN1135 NF pamplett.

    Please can you advise my film is being submitted to festivals very soon. Cheers Robin

    1. Robin – I haven’t updated the blog for a couple of months and I’ve been abroad so possibly missed your deadline. Apologies. I picked up all this stuff in the late 70s and early 80s when I was very politically active. Never threw a thing away. The first is a CND leaflet. I’ll have to check boxes full of paper to source the other two. Might take a while!

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