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Ken Livingstone versus Sir Horace Cutler – both leaders of the defunct GLC

There could not have been a greater contrast on a personal and political level between the outgoing Conservative leader of the GLC Sir Horace Cutler and incoming Labour leader Ken Livingstone. I’d almost liken Cutler to a royalist and Livingstone to a roundhead.

Cutler had the demeanour of a cheerful Victorian cad and villain. Livingstone was the earnest supporter of oppressed minorities. So when the two faced off on TV, there would be no overlap of views or areas of compromise.


Neville Staple – the Original Rude Boy

originalAs you may know – I wrote Neville Staple of The Specials’ biography which was published in paperback this year – Original Rude Boy.   Came as a bit of a surprise to discover that Neville was a bit of a lad back in the day and I mean burglaries, fights with knives and other bad behaviour, or what he calls “Neville things”.

He was a real Rude Boy and there’s no doubting it.  Some of the stories you can expect to find in Original Rude Boy:

  • Neville’s rough childhood and how he battled through it
  • How he met future Specials roadies Trevor and Rex
  • The amazing sound system scene and his system, Jah Baddis
  • Why Neville ended up doing a stint in borstal
  • When he first met the Coventry Automatics
  • Going on the road with the 2Tone bands
  • Being managed by Bernie Rhodes
  • What it was like hanging out with the legendary Jerry Dammers
  • Why did The Specials split?
  • What he really thought about Fun Boy Three
  • Forming the Neville Staple Band and taking ska on the road
  • The Americans who picked up the 2Tone flame