The disastrous lead up to the 1983 general election

In 1983, Thatcher called a general election. The Tories had been in power since 1979 and had gone through a very rocky first two years with economic collapse, riots and rumblings within the government against Maggie. But a couple of things played into her hands: the war in the Falklands and a dreadful Labour campaign in 83.

The Labour slogan was utterly uninspiring: Think Positive, Act Positive, Vote Positive. Worse than that, it was abundantly clear to anybody inside or outside the party that the leadership didn’t believe in its own election manifesto. A month before polling, ITV’s “TV Eye” programme took a look at Labour and it wasn’t pretty viewing. Michael Foot is interviewed and I leave you to judge what went wrong.

Thatcher and Reagan in ‘Gone With The Wind’

Thatcher and Reagan in 'Gone With The Wind'

This poster was produced around 1980/81 by Socialists Unlimited and advertised in the Socialist Worker.  It was proudly displayed on my wall in the hall of residence during my first year at Liverpool University until somebody walked off with it – blu-tack and all.   Well, property was theft in those days and he/she was just liberating it from my grasp.  Hmmm.