The Thatcher Crisis Years

1980s politics blog from TV historian Tony McMahon

The 1981 riots presented the news media of the time with a huge challenge covering live events around the country that sprang up at a moment’s notice

Two parties brought the Labour government of Jim Callaghan to its knees – the Liberals and the Scottish Nationalists. Both might have ended up wondering if they’d done the right thing. The SNP was furious at Callaghan for not pushing through Scottish devolution. Callaghan had let Scotland have a referendum on the condition that 40% …

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These were blu-tacked to my bedroom wall when I was a student – found them yesterday languishing at the bottom of a plastic bag unopened since 1984.  I am a terrible hoarder! Don’t know who the artist was or whether these are in any way collectable – your views or info appreciated.